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Loan insights. Loan insights.

Loan views.

Identify your customers’ financial obligations and attitudes towards debt – informed by real-time data from every bank account they hold.

See it all.

Mortgages, loans, overdrafts, credit cards, bills, memberships and more.

Anyone, anywhere.

Access data from personal and business accounts across the EU.

Automated flows.

Spare your customers from manually providing their financial records.

The customer flow.

Customers pick their bank from our extensive list.

Customers identify through a familiar flow.

All authentications go through BankID.

Customers pick the account they want to grant access to.

Et voilà! The transaction data is analysed.

Designed to be effortless.

We really strive to make everything we do a breezy experience to implement. Very little coding will get you far.

Let’s take it for a spin.

Drop us a line to book a chat with us (no strings attached) to see how to assess your customers’ attitude towards debt in real time. Otherwise, sign up to start right away!

Under the hood.

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