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Credit assessments. Credit assessments.

Evaluate finances.

Fully assess customers’ financial situations to drastically upgrade the speed and accuracy of your credit and risk checks.

Next-gen ratings.

Real-time insights for credit decisions that take instants rather than days.

Bespoke evaluations.

Categorised data and customizable rating indicators to suit your needs.

Fraud alert.

Built-in early detection of fraud and defaults for maximum peace of mind.

The customer flow.

Customers pick their bank from our extensive list.

Customers identify through a familiar flow.

All authentications go through BankID.

Customers pick the account they want to grant access to.

Transactions are analysed and a credit summary is provided.

Designed to be effortless.

We really strive to make everything we do a breezy experience to implement. Very little coding will get you far.

Easy as API.

Get up and running in minutes with the most accessible API around.

Got stuck?

We got you. Let us know if you need any support, we are happy to help.

Let’s take it for a spin.

Drop us a line to book a chat with us (no strings attached) to see how to get customised evaluations of your customers’ finances. Otherwise, sign up to start right away!

Under the hood.

Learn more about Credit assessments.